Qatar 2022 World Cup shouldn’t be held

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What Happened

Every few years Fifa has a bidding process for countries to host the World Cup and the European Championship. You would think countries like England, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, but of course Fifa is corrupt by the oil-rich countries that use their money to bribe FIFA’s decisions. It was because of the corrupt President at the time Sepp Blatter was known for his controversial decisions and when it was announced that Qatar had won the bidding process. Immediately as the news broke out, there was a far cry from fans about corruption because they couldn’t believe that a country like Qatar which has never held a World Cup beat England at hosting a World Cup.

Why is it continuing

After an investigation happened it was found that some of the FIFA representatives were ultimately bribed by the Qatar support groups to make sure they voted for the World Cup to be in Qatar. That included the then President Sepp Blatter, but it still was sure that In my opinion, I am very disappointed with leaders at FIFA to let something like this happen. Each year it has been put into question whether there will be a change of hosts for the 2022 Fifa World Cup but nothing has come of it yet.

What’s happening in Qatar

And to make matters worse with the obvious issues that have been present with the World Cup being there, the extreme heat made them suggest that the competition be held in the wintertime. This interferes with the ongoing club seasons and champions league, but with FIFA so adamant about it, it will go on. Another issue is the human rights issue with over 50 deaths to workers who are trying to build the stadium and those workers working in extreme conditions passing away. I mean this is quite unacceptable from FIFA on the way they are handling this situation.

I personally don’t think that the World Cup in Qatar should happen based on that it is going to interfere with other leagues and throw everything out of order. But my opinion won’t change the mind of others, so shame on them for letting this type of thing happen

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