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Point Guards
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In the landscape of today’s NBA, it seems that the Point Guard position has been flourishing the most. We’ve been able to witness hall of fame level point guards in today’s NBA. However, we’ve witnessed the rise of the next superstars as well. The plethora of talent and versatilely within this position makes it so incredible to watch. Here we’ll rank the top 10 point guards in the game today. This list was voted on by the writers at Championship Sports Media.

1) Stephen Curry

An absolute no-brainer to start the list. The undisputed best point guard in the league and best shooter of all time, Steph Curry. The only question about Steph was his ability to lead a team without a second star. After witnessing the historic season he had, there should be no more questions. Averaging a career-high 32 points per game, Steph single-handedly willed his team to playoff contention. The Warriors were 37-26 when Steph played. Just an incredible offensive player in all aspects and a once-in-a-generation talent. As long as Steph plays, he’ll remain number 1 on this list. 

2) Damian Lillard

Although Steph’s the best point guard in the league, Damian Lillard’s offensive prowess created some conversation. One of the greatest clutch scorers in this generation, Lillard has proven his greatness time after time. Furthermore, Lillard has had to will his teams into the playoffs year in and year out. The lack of help surrounding the superstar has been incredibly frustrating. Arguably a top 5 scorer in the league today, Lillard’s offensive talent is up there with the greatest. On top of that, his three-point range is in a class with Steph Curry. This past year Dame averaged 29 points and eight assists. Numbers that are career years for many, but for Lillard, just a regular year. Dame has undoubtedly earned the right to be second on this list. 

3) Kyrie Irving

Many have tried to discredit Kyrie due to the perceptions created by the media. One of the most polarizing figures in the sports world. However, no one can deny Kyrie’s offensive talent. Last season Kyrie shot a historic 50, 40, 90 from the field. One of the most efficient offensive talents in the league today. On top of that, Kyrie can complement multiple stars with a different style. We’ve seen him adapt to Lebron, Harden, and KD. Many have this perception of Kyrie being selfish bus he’s an incredible team player. What holds him back is that he’s more of a second option, whereas Lillard and Curry are first. Regardless, he’s one of the best players in the league today.

4) Trae Young

A year ago, many would’ve been shocked to see Trae Young this high. The majority of fans viewed him as an empty stats player. However, after the season Trae Young displayed, there’s no doubt he’s up there with the best point guards in the league. After limited team success, Trae Young adjusted his game that allowed the Hawks to flourish. They tied 4th in the East after being towards the bottom of the standings the last couple of years. However, in the playoffs, Trae made solidified his stardom. Leading the Hawks to the conference finals. Displaying incredible playoff performances. Trae proved he’s an offensive engine and one of the best players in the league today. Furthermore, Trae’s arguably one of the best playmakers in the league. His vision and passing ability are once-in-a-generation traits. Clearly an incredible young superstar in this league.

5) Chris Paul

Chris Paul, even at the age of 36, is still one of the best today. Over his 16 year career, CP3 has developed the reputation of being a culture shifter. His leadership and talent have turned around many teams, with the Suns being the latest example. From missing the playoffs the last couple of years to making the Finals after trading for Chris Paul. At the end of the day, Chris Paul can turn around a franchise. Throughout the playoffs, he had historic performances and moments that solidified his legacy. Unfortunately for him, he came up short in the NBA Finals. Regardless, when healthy, CP3 is a top 5 point guard in the game today. 

6) Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is one of the most criticized athletes in the history of sports. Although some criticism may be warranted, his talent and effort are some of the best traits we’ve ever seen. The Wizards went through an injury-riddled season this year. They were near the bottom of the standings, and all hope was lost. Yet, they were able to make the playoffs due to a resurgence led by Westbrook. Russ and Beal willed the Wizards to wins and eventually into the play-in tournament. This year Russ averaged 22, 11, and 11. Absurd numbers that we take for granted. Many call his triple-doubles stat hunting. However, his triple-doubles lead to wins. Russ is one of the best point guards in the league today. 

7) De’Aaron Fox

Fox is another rising superstar who hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves. Unfortunately for Fox, the Kings haven’t had much team success since he was drafted. They haven’t been near the playoffs. Along with that, they haven’t reached the play-in tournament. However, none of that is due to the play of Fox. This past season, he averaged around 25 and 7. Fox took leaps in multiple aspects of his game, including playmaking and slashing. Fox’s arguably one of the best drivers in the league due to his elite speed. He’s incredibly high on this list despite the inconsistent shooting. If Fox’s shooting improves, he’ll be competing for a top 5 spot.

8) Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons’s perception around the basketball world has been damaged, due to his playoff performance. Simmons’s lack of aggressiveness and shooting ability have caused many to question his talent. It seems that his teammates have felt the same way. However, Ben Simmons is a special talent despite his offensive flaws. His defensive versatility is arguably the best in the league. Ben can legitimately guard the 1 through the 5. Along with that, Simmons’s playmaking in the full court is elite. The way Simmons can read the floor and make difficult passes is rare. Simmons also can be an elite driver. However, his lack of aggressiveness cancels this out. If Simmons is traded and has his team, perhaps he’ll be able to display the greatness we’ve expected.

9) Jrue Holiday

Despite the inconsistent play in the playoffs, Holiday was pivotal in the Bucks’ title win. Holiday’s defensive ability as a point guard is arguably the best in the league. Time after time he’d make plays on the defensive end that would win them the game. Furthermore, Holiday’s playmaking is very underrated. Jrue can find others at any point throughout the game. What holds Jrue back is his offensive inconsistency. We know how great of an offensive talent Jrue is. However, he’d have too many horrible shooting nights throughout the playoffs. This prevents him from being higher on this list.

10) Ja Morant

Ja Morant’s another young talent in the league who deserves to be in the top 10. Ja Morant has been incredible since entering the Nba. From winning rookie of the year to leading the Grizzlies to playoffs. Morant went toe to toe with Steph Curry and came out on top in the play-in. Ja’s an incredible playmaker and scorer near the pain. But similar to Fox, his outside shooting ability keeps him towards the end of this list. Along with that, his offensive inconsistently in the regular season harms him a bit as well. However, in the playoffs, Morant put on a show against the Jazz. Averaging 30 and 8, Morant displayed the bright future ahead for Memphis.

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