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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: #6 Pick

Fantasy Draft Strategy
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The NFL season is almost upon us, and that means fantasy football drafts are happening! Having a strategy going into your draft is extremely important as it sets the stage for a championship winning season. Each and every draft is different, and strategies will vary based on the draft slot. I’m here to show some strategies based off the slots you could be drafting from to help win your league!

Onto the 6th pick. Once again a tough pick as #5 was. There is one guy I will usually take here but it is still muddy waters drafting here. Sleeper’s 12 team PPR mock draft will be used to show my thought process and strategy.

Pre-draft Strategy

I have a specific guy in mind at this spot if the draft falls like I think it will. After that I will look for one of the top WR in round 2. Down from there I will honestly take it as it comes to me. Being directly in the middle makes basically any strategy non-existent as the draft goes on. That is how I will approach the first couple rounds.

Round 1

With the top 5 guys I expected to be gone drafted, Nick Chubb is my pick here. When I have the 6th pick, that is who I usually go with. Aaron Jones would be a reach here, and I still think it is too early for someone like Travis Kelce. Chubb isn’t great in the passing game, but that unfairly hurts his stock I believe. Chubb is an absolute monster in the run game and is consistently a high end RB1. His ceiling is capped with his lack of catches, but I think he offers the highest floor outside of Derrick Henry.

Rounds 2-5

Round 2 was a tough choice between Calvin Ridley and Antonio Gibson. Having the upside of Gibson paired with the floor Chubb gives me is very tempting. But I decided to stick with my strategy and grab the potential top overall WR. I love Ridley so much and can see him carrying my squad deep into the playoffs.

In the 3rd round Darren Waller slid down to my spot. This was a very easy pick with no explanation needed. His value in the middle of round 3 is insane. Especially considering the RBs and WRs available here.

Julio Jones was my pick in the 4th reuniting him with Ridley. Team 7 snipped Amari Cooper one pick ahead of me which is annoying, but Jones is still a great player. I expect him to have a heavy role in that elite Titans offense. I am very happy I can slot him as my WR2.

My 5th pick was Gus Edwards. I regret the pick somewhat as Kareem Hunt went right after me. Getting the best handcuff in fantasy football would have been great. In the end though Hunt is a backup which is tough to justify this early, and I do love Gus Edwards. He gives me another solid floor RB on my roster. Still a very good pick.

Rounds 6-9

Brandon Aiyuk slid down to my pick here in the 6th. He gives me some massive upside at the WR position. I love putting him in my FLEX slot, and having him with Julio and Ridley on the roster makes me WR core elite. Glad I got him here.

There were a few QBs taken in the 6th round which made me look at that position. I didn’t love the value of some of the other guys here, so I reached a bit for Ryan Tannehill. Having the Tannehill-Julio stack could be huge for my team and made the pick worth it to me. He will lock up my QB spot for the season.

With my 8th pick I snagged Damien Harris. He gives me another RB with limited pass catching ability. Yet he still offers good upside with his red zone work expected to improve with Mac Jones as the QB. I also think he will excel as a rusher in the offense while the Patriots break Jones in. I just need him to stay healthy.

Michael Pittman was my selection in the 9th round. He will most likely fill the role if WR1 in Indianapolis and is an insane athlete. His second round pedigree shows Indy wants to get him involved in the offense. With Carson Wentz due back soon, I expect Pittman to show out for the Colts and be a steal here.

Rounds 10-16

I chose Michael Gallup with my 10th round pick. People forget he was a 1,000 yard WR a couple years ago, and should one of the other receivers in Dallas go down, his value will skyrocket. Getting him here is great and gives me a solid spot start option on my team.

This pick here in the 11th was out of character for me. I played the ADP game and selected Trey Lance. I have no real intention of starting him, but I’ll stash him and use him as trade bait when he wins the starting job. There weren’t any other guys I was super excited about here so that made me comfortable with this pick. A plus is he gives me team some insurance in the off chance Tannehill flops.

I looked at Marquez Callaway the previous round, but decided I’d hope he was available in the 12th. Fortunately for me he was. I snagged him here because of his massive upside, especially for the first few weeks. If his connection with Jameis Winston continues into the regular season then Callaway is a steal at this part of the draft.

Sony Michel was my pick in the 13th. It will be a running back by committee in LA, but should he end up the main guy, he could give solid value here. He won’t have to be a big part of my team and has little risk associated with him so I took the shot on him this late.

I took Rhamondre Stevenson with my 14th pick. I think he will be the second guy up behind Harris and should he get hurt, Stevenson will step into a valuable role. He could also get some goal line work which would up him value.

With my final two picks I selected the New England Patriots defense and Brandon McManus. New England has a couple solid matchups early and McManus has been a pretty good kicker for the past couple years. I will probably stream the positions as the season progresses.

Final Result

While the upside of this team isn’t great, I do really like it. I see this as a sure playoff team because if the floor and the elite WR core I have. I stuck to my strategy early and I do this it paid off as I had some guys fall to me and got really good starters overall. This is a tough place to draft from, but sticking to my stuff made it a good draft.

  • QB: Ryan Tannehill
  • RB: Nick Chubb
  • RB: Gus Edwards
  • WR: Calvin Ridley
  • WR: Julio Jones
  • TE: Darren Waller
  • FLEX: Brandon Aiyuk
  • D/ST: New England Patriots
  • K: Brandon McManus
  • Bench: Damien Harris
  • Michael Pittman
  • Michael Gallup
  • Trey Lance
  • Marquez Callaway
  • Sony Michel
  • Rhamondre Stevenson

Below is the entire draft board to see how it all went down.

I know this can be a hard place to draft from, so I hope this helped you build some strategy and gain some clarity. Stay flexible and stick to your rankings. Thanks for reading and happy drafting!

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