Hockey 101: Shane’s First Day of Class

Hockey 101

I have never been super into Hockey. My sports growing up were Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, and Football. The only thing I knew about Hockey was that it was a sport on ice that was created in Canada. Then I watched Miracle. If you have not seen it you need to. After watching Miracle, I still wasn’t a huge fan, but I knew more about it. Granted, not much, but still, some. I knew that hitting people against the wall was allowed and fights were only half allowed.

All of this is about to change. Inspired by writers at Vendetta Sports Media, this upcoming NHL season and Olympic Hockey, I am going to school to learn the sport to see if it really is as good as all the CSM people are telling me. Every week (or twice a week depending on how studious I feel like being) I will make my analysis of how much I am learning about the wonderful game of puck-stick. I also am hereby announcing that I am taking my fanatic talents to Seattle with the Kraken, as they are new too, also because I am from Seattle.

After a brief look at their roster, knowing absolutley nothing about these players or how to say a lot of their names, I’ll say we are looking pretty stacked. Brandon Tanev looks like he would be a good left wing player, whatever they do. Lots of Defenseman and Centerman so it looks like we will have a good amount of depth there. We also have a lot of depth at Goalie which doesn’t make the most sense to me being that there is only one allowed on the ice at a time, but you won’t see me arguing it. Overall, looking to be a good season for my Kraken.

Please feel free to join in my education and encourage me, make fun of me, or help teach me!

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1 Comment

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