Bold Predictions For The 2021 NFL Season

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It’s time for some bold predictions, baby. As we all await the beginning of the 2021 season with our thumbs twiddling and our bowls of Cheetos sitting front of us, it’s impossible not to wonder. Who will be the breakout star of the year? Who is going to be the bust we all laugh at and remember for trivia questions twenty years down the line? What head coach is going to kick it instead of going for it when it really matters (sorry Green Bay fans).

Here, we’ll tell you what we think with a list of bold predictions for the 2021 NFL season.

The Buffalo Bills…

…are going to get their parade. This might not be too wild of a bold prediction, but this franchise is cursed when it comes to winning the big one. However, we saw how dangerous that offense was last year. The defense should be every bit as dangerous this year. While they won’t be a shut down defense, they will be a turnover machine. After losing to the Chiefs in last year’s playoffs, Buffalo made improving the pass rush a top priority by drafting Greg Rousseau and Carlos Basham Jr. This extra pressure is going to feed plenty of errant balls to Tre’Davious White and Co.

And when this happens, the party is going to be absolutely nuts.

The MVP Award Will Go To…

…Matt Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams. Is this bold prediction way out of left field? I don’t think so. Finally out of football purgatory, Matt Stafford now has weapons and a defense. The tandem of Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp is a step up from the oft injured Kenny Golladay, and Marvin Jones, Jr. People have forgotten that Darrell Henderson, Jr. is a fine running back, as well.

Don’t be shocked when this prediction comes true after Matt Stafford has thrown for 5,000+ yards and 50+ touchdowns.

Russ Wilson…

…will indeed cook. The pace he set in the first half of last year seemed unsustainable, which turned out to be true. However, this year, Pete Carroll and crew will have learned from their mistakes and right the ship. Moreover, helps that he’s armed with freak-of-nature D.K. Metcalf and speedster Tyler Lockett. The Seahawks could be downright unstoppable this year.

The Baltimore Ravens…

…will still have a league-leading rushing attack. This too shouldn’t be seen as a wild bold prediction. All you have to do is think back to your fantasy draft and think of how high Gus Edwards was being drafted. Gus Edwards. Were people drafting Edwards, or the Ravens rushing attack? Exactly. You get it. With the addition of Latavius Murray, a better runner than Gus Edwards, the Ravens will be on track to lead the league in rushing through Lamar Jackson and Co. It also isn’t a stretch to think that Le’Veon Bell isn’t completely washed.

The New York Jets…

…have found their QB of the future. Not only that, but they’ll be better on offense than people think. Zach Wilson has a huge arm and accuracy to boot. Jamison Crowder will be able to handle all the intermediate routes, while big boy and star waiting to break out Corey Davis can be deadly with the verticles. Somehow, the Jets won’t be the worst team in football, and they will finish with a record hovering around 8-8.

The AFC Championship Game…

…will be between the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns. No matter who wins, both cities will be absolute pandemonium after the game. Light poles will be pushed down. Cars will be flipped. All in the name of joy. Or in sadness. Who knows. After all, this is football.

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