New MMA Organization Coming 2023?

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Big news in the world of MMA recently. Longtime journalist of the sport Ariel Helwani broke the news that a new MMA organization may be coming in 2023. He broke the news on his Instagram. A picture that said quoute “According to sources, a number of influential industry individuals have come together to create a new MMA league that is structured more like the NBA/NHL/NFL rather than your typical MMA promotion.” The post also mentioned 50/50 revenue sharing, something the UFC does not have. Helwani ended the post saying that the plan is for launch to be in 2023.

Competition for the UFC?

This news is a massive step forward for MMA. Fighter pay is one of the hottest topics in the sport at the moment. Very well could be the reason we have not seen guys like Jon Jones compete recently. And if we are being honest, the UFC is not exactly friendly when it comes to that topic. When possible, the UFC does often avoid the topic of fighter pay. Many fighters and journalists have been ridiculed for even bringing it up at times. A new MMA organization with better pay is instant competition for the UFC. While there are other promotions outside of the UFC, the talent level disparity is clearly there. Those organizations have talent, however most of that talent is trying to work their way to the UFC. However a new organization with better pay could be more of an attraction for those fighters.

While this news is very fresh, it still is an exciting idea. An MMA organization that can find a way to pay fighters better and still be profitable. Even though 2023 is a long way away, more news will come out between now and then. So if they are able to find a way to make this work, fighters certainly are going to be keeping a close eye. We will do the same and update you as more information comes!

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