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Notre Dame outlasts Purdue

College Football Week one final word
Notre Dame vs. Florida State. Robert Franklin, South Bend Tribune

Notre Dame was about to pull out the victory against Purdue by winning 27 to 13. It was the first game in 42 years where Purdue lacked The Drum which seemed to be a huge deal for them. In addition, Notre Dame’s head coach also tied Knute Rockne for most wins in program history. However, many good things did come out of this game. But the question is, is Notre Dame on the right track now? or Is Purdue just not at their level?

Notre Dame Finding Its Footing

This season has not been the greatest for Notre Dame so far, but it finally looks like they are finding their footing. During this game, they had no turnovers and could rush the ball which was their number one thing for their offense last year. Kyren Williams had a good game finally and is hopefully on the comeback with a 92-yard rushing performance and 1 touchdown. Jack Coan also had a better game than he did against Toledo. He did not have an interception and had 223 passing yards. He was able to show everyone why he is the starting quarterback for Notre Dame.

Their defense had finally come back after having a great game against Florida State. The defense against Purdue had 2 interceptions and only allowed 57 rushings yards. During the Toledo game, they allowed a decent amount of yards and in both passing and rushing. Their defense had a good comeback after a troubled week 2 game. Their defense did not play as they did during week 1 but it does look as though everyone is finding their footing in their new positions.

Purdue’s Slow Game

Purdue has had great games in the first two games of the season. Their offense had 562 total yards against UCONN and had 375 passing yards. In the Notre Dame game, they had 348 total yards and still had a good passing game but it was all about their rushing. Jack Plummer had 4 touchdowns against UCONN but could barely get 1 in this game. They also were only allowed 57 rushing yards which is something you could not do. The offense seemed like they were lost during the whole game and could not find a way to score in the first half and also score more than 10 points in the second half.

Their defense did start the game pretty well but once they allowed the first touchdown for Notre Dame, the game kind of plateaued for Purdue. They allowed 343 total yards and did not force any turnover which they would have needed to do if they wanted to win this game. Going from a game where they only allowed 99 passing yards and then allowing Notre Dame 223 passing yards truly shows how they still need to compete with better teams.

Final Thoughts

Notre Dame looks like they are finally going to be able to compete as well as beat the teams that they should. They showed us that they are making great steps to get better. However, Purdue does not look like they are ready to wrestle the dominant teams. They were able to beat teams that they were better matched up with but against Notre Dame, Purdue just couldn’t weigh up.

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