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Penn State Finishes Strong Against Auburn

Penn State White Out
Fireworks go off over Beaver Stadium before the Whiteout on Oct. 19, 2019. Joe Hermitt

This primetime game was what everyone expected it to be. Penn State was able to hold off Auburn in the fourth quarter to get the win 28 to 20. It looked like the Penn State white-out game has proven to be another player for them. Penn State looks like a team that will be hard to beat after this win.

Slow Game For Bo Nix

Bo Nix has had a couple of great games this season but did not look like himself. During week 1, he had an amazing game and racked up 275 passing and 3 touchdowns. In addition, he also completed 20 of his 22 passes and rushed for 32 yards in three carries. Week 2 was a little bit slower-paced for him. But he still had 108 passing yards with two touchdowns. His rushing game was not great during this game. Bo Nix was on pace to be a Heisman finalist until Penn State.

Against Penn State, Nix did not put up numbers like he did the previous weeks. Nix did not seem like he was ready for a team like Penn State. Having 5 touchdowns in the first two weeks, one would think that he is going to throw another couple this game, right? Nix struggled to find a rhythm and had a measly 185 passing yards and did not even pass for a touchdown. Though he did make some of it up with his feet by having 29 rushing yards on only 6 carries. Nix may need to find a way to perform against top opponents.

What Penn State Did Right

Penn State’s offense was having an amazing game. The efficiency in the passing game was the reason the game turned out the way it did. Penn State had 302 passing yards but that was on only 33 passing attempts. Though that is not all. The most important being 29 completed passes. Which gives the offense and Sean Clifford an 87.8 completion percentage. That is huge especially when you did not have the best success at rushing the ball during the game. In addition to the amazing completion percentage, Clifford had 2 touchdown passes. He did have an interception but it did not add any points against them.

The Penn State defense, once again, showed everyone that they are not to be messed with. Their defense had a strong game once again and held a scoring heavy team in Auburn to only 20 points and 367 total yards. The defense held Auburn to only scoring a field goal in the first quarter and a field goal in the fourth quarter. They had several tackles for loss which made it hard for Auburn to get anything going. During one of those tackles for loss, Penn State recovered a forced fumble. That fumble led to a touchdown right at the beginning of the second half. They had a lot to show this game and their defense definitely lived up to the hype.

Final Thoughts

Both teams had great games, but Auburn made it hard on themselves by not finishing drives and scoring only a field goal within two quarters. It was truly a defensive game but Penn State’s defense had the bigger turnover and that, ultimately, was the reason for their win. This game showed that playing Penn State at home, (especially during the white-out game), was not going to be easy for any team. Penn State needed a big win against Auburn and they definitely got it.

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