Kansas City Is In Big Trouble

Kansas City
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The Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the most dominant teams over the past few years, ever since Patrick Mahomes got the starting spot. They have an absolutely stacked lineup including Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, and Mathieu. But after their most recent loss to the Chargers in week 3, the Chiefs find themselves at 1-2 sitting at the bottom of the AFC West. That in itself is not a problem for them, as I do not see the Broncos being at the top for very much longer, however there is a lot of problems for the chiefs that they need to get fixed before they can make another Super Bowl run.


Let’s start on the side of the ball with most of the talent. Their only impact receiver so far has really only been Kelce. Tyreek Hill had the one TD reception for 75 yards in week 1, but since then has only had a total of 8 catches for 70 yards in two games. Orlando Brown has not been the best at his pass-blocking since he was traded by the Ravens, CEH has been underperforming for what people are hyping him up to be. The offense just seems to be pretty lackluster at times, which is really surprising considering you have three of the best at their positions, and an OC in Eric Bieniemy who is amazing at his job. They are just missing that extra boom that sets them apart from the pack usually. Maybe Josh Gordon signing there is what they need to get going.


There are a lot of problems on the defensive side of the ball. The defense is not very good. Plain and simple. According to Pro Football Reference, They rank dead last in points scored, Yards Per Play, Rushing Touchdowns allowed, and Rank 31st in almost all categories that have to do with rushing. They cannot stop the run, and their pass defense isn’t much better.


The AFC is really coming out this season with some firepower. The Browns seem to be doing alright after a shaky start, The Raiders are an interesting team to watch, although they fell apart mid-season last year. The Bills tore apart a WFT defense that was supposed to be one of the best in the league, and even the Ravens are coming out strong this season. Not to mention the Chargers who seemed to be in control for most of the game last week. The conference is not going to be a walk in the park for this Chiefs team, especially if they have to try to win shootouts.


This is one that people probably do not think of a lot, but this is their last season with comfortable cap room to win another Super Bowl. High paid QB’s don’t usually win championships for a reason, and you remember that contract Mahomes signed a while ago? Well, He is only taking up $7M in cap space this season, but after that, for the rest of his 11 year contract until 2032, it increases to $36M next season, and then $47M, $44M, $46M, $42M, $60M, $44M, $45M, $50M, and $52M. You can’t put a stacked Super Bowl caliber squad together like they have had so far when you have to pay your QB that much money every season, just look at the Falcons struggling with Matt Ryans massive cap hit.

This season is pretty much do or die for the Chiefs team we all know, yet they still have massive trouble with the team they have now that will make it very, very difficult to go all the way and represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season.

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