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Russell Wilson
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NFL week 5 kicks off with Rams vs Seahawks on Thursday Night Football this week. Here is a little preview of what should be a great game between two super bowl hopeful teams!


Russell Wilson vs Matthew Stafford. Two teams with two elite quarterbacks. Russell Wilson has started off the season incredibly strong as he usually does for Seattle as he has thrown 1,044 yards, 9 touchdowns, 0 interceptions while completing 72.5% of his passes. Those are MVP level numbers through 4 games of the season. Stafford isn’t far behind Wilson by any means as he has thrown for 1,222 yards, 11 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, while completing 68.1% of his passes. These are also MVP level numbers that Stafford is putting up. Expect a great quarterback dual between two MVP hopefuls on Thursday but I’m giving the quarterback edge to Russell Wilson just because Seattle is the home team so it will be easier for Wilson and Seattle to sustain momentum.

Skill Positions

Both teams have elite players all across the board at the skill positions such as Chris Carson, DK Metcalf, and Tyler Lockett for Seattle whereas Los Angeles has Darrell Henderson, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp to complement Matthew Stafford. Both of these trios are elite and are cable of making a big play at anytime. This category goes to the Rams mainly because of the absolute tear that Cooper Kupp has been on to start the season. He has put up ridiculous numbers and should produce greatly for the Rams on Thursday.


The Rams entered week four with one of the most dominant defenses in football. However, after week four that is now in question as the Cardinals dropped 37 points on their defense and Kyler Murray did whatever he wanted. Meanwhile, the Seahawks defense has not looked good. They have conceded 16, 33, 30, and 21 points in their first four games. So although the Rams defense laid an egg last week, they still have the better defense in this matchup and this defense is the key to success for LA on Thursday night.


These two coaches are very much different although both are successful. Pete Carroll is 70 years old and has been the Seahawks head coach since 2010. Sean McVay is 35 years old and has been the Rams coach since 2017. McVay is a very upbeat coach who gets fired up on the sideline frequently whereas Carroll takes a more laid back approach to coaching his team during the game. Two very different styles, but both are very effective. This one’s a toss up with the slight edge to McVay due to more creativity on offense.


As you can tell, these teams are very similar at a lot of positions. This should be a tightly contested game but I’ll take the Rams to make a few more crucial plays to hang on late. Rams win 31-27 in Seattle.

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  1. scott

    October 7, 2021 at 10:35 AM

    I have never heard anyone describe Pete Caroll as “laid back” during the game. In fact, he is frequently caught and talked about as bouncing and running up and down the sidelines. It’s talked about, in part, because he is 70 years old yet still running around like a really young guy.

    Even though I am a Seahawks fan, I don’t disagree with your game analysis, but Pete Carroll is anything but laid back. In the end, however, I am giving the edge to the Seahawks. Same score, just reversed. I think they will pull it out in the end. The 12th man is a huge factor in this game, now that people are back in the stadiums.

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