The Chiefs’ Winning Formula Is Failing

Kansas City Chiefs
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The Kansas City Chiefs are built around a high flying offense and an elite passing game. The past two seasons, this has led them to the Super Bowl. This year, they are 2-3 and last in the AFC West. Why is their winning formula suddenly losing them games? Let’s take a look at what has gone wrong for the Chiefs this season.

Their Defense Is Costing Them Games

Let’s rip this band aid right off: the Chiefs defense is bad. Through five weeks, they have not showed the ability to stop anyone. In fact, it’s been the opposite. Their defense is allowing 7.1 yards per play. They’re ranked 32nd in points per game allowed, allowing an average of 32.6 points per game. In past seasons, they have been able to cover up how bad their defense was by scoring 30 points a game. They are still scoring points. They’re ranked 5th in average points per game. Scoring an absurd amount of points every game used to be enough for the Chiefs to win games. That’s not the case anymore. The Chiefs are walking on a tight rope right now with this defense, and there needs to be major changes if they hope to make the playoffs this year.

They Can’t Overcome Mistakes

Watching the Chiefs’ Super Bowl run in 2019 was incredible. They made comebacks in all of their playoff games and showed they were a team capable of overcoming their mistakes. So far, that hasn’t been the case this season. Clyde Edwards-Helarie’s fumble in Week 2 against the Ravens is a perfect example. Edwards-Helarie fumbled in the fourth quarter, with 1:30 left in the game. They lost that game 36-35. In Week 5 against the Bills, Mahomes threw 2 interceptions, including a pick-6 when the Chiefs were only down by 11. In the past, the Chiefs have been able to overcome these mistakes and come back to win games. Right now, that’s not the case. They need to find a way to overcome these mistakes if they want to win close games.

Their Passing Game Is One Dimensional

The Chiefs have, arguably, the best quarterback in the league in Patrick Mahomes. They have an elite wide receiver in Tyreek Hill, and an excellent receiving tight end in Travis Kelce. The issue is, what weapons do they have on offense besides that? They had Clyde Edwards-Helarie, but he was placed on IR after suffering a knee injury. The stats tell the full story. In every game where Hill has under 100 yards, the Chiefs have lost. When Hill has over 100 yards, they win.

Obviously, Tyreek Hill isn’t the deciding factor in whether or not the Chiefs win, but the lack of offensive weapons Patrick Mahomes has is. When Kelce and Hill are covered well, Mahomes has struggled. If the Chiefs want to be successful, they need to find more receivers for Mahomes to give the ball to. Considering the close games they are playing in, their passing game needs to thrive if they want to win. Spreading the ball to multiple receivers can help the Chiefs passing game be even more elite.

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