Should The Philadelphia Eagles Tank The Season?

The Eagles
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After a 2-4 start to the season, the Philadelphia Eagles have all but shown that this is a rebuilding year. After trading Zach Ertz to the Cardinals, the question has to be asked if the Eagles should cut their loses and tank the rest of the season. It would be tough to watch for Eagles fans, but with 3 potential first round picks in 2022 tanking might be the best option for the Eagles. Here are the reasons why they should tank.

Their Schedule

Over the next five weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles face tough opponents. The Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, and Saints are all on their upcoming schedule. Last night against the Buccaneers, the Eagles struggled to get anything going on offense. They came out of that game with only 213 total yards on offense. They also went 3-10 on third down conversions. With an offense that struggles this much, there’s a real chance the Eagles will be 3-8 after this 5 week stretch. The Eagles’ schedule does get easier just before and after their bye week, but winning those games could mean losing a potential top ten pick. It would be better for their long term success if the Eagles ensured they had as many top ten picks as possible.

Their Division Rival

The Cowboys finally look like the team that has been promised for years. The Cowboys are 4-1 currently. Dak Prescott is having a potential MVP year, with 1368 yards and 13 touchdowns. Ezekiel Elliot has 452 rushing yards. Not to mention, they might have the best receiving trio in the NFL. They have an easy schedule, after their bye week. All of these factors make it harder for the Eagles to make the playoffs. The Cowboys are the favorites to win the NFC East. With the Eagles currently at third in their division, the odds aren’t great for them to be even close to the playoffs.

Their Quarterback

Jalen Hurts has potential to be a great quarterback. He can scramble. He has the arm strength. But he’s also raw. So far this reason, Jalen Hurts is 26th in completion percentage at 62.5%. He’s also had 8 total turnovers and allowed 11 sacks this season. With this much raw talent, Hurts would need to be coached up before he’s ready to win the Eagles games. Drafting a quarterback in the first round might be the best option, if Jalen Hurts doesn’t improve this season. The best way to ruin that is if the Eagles start winning games and lose a top ten pick. It would be better in the long term if they cut their loses and try to get as much draft capital as possible.

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