Ben Simmons Potential Trade Destinations

After being thrown out of practice on Tuesday, it is almost certain that the Ben Simmons/76ers beef will never be squashed. Coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice for refusing to participate in drills. Simmons has requested a trade, he had just recently come back to practice with the team. He is very clearly done with the 76ers, and the 76ers seem to be done with him as well.


Simmons value is very hard to gauge, and also is on a team to team basis. The 76er’s are set on getting a star in return for Simmons, they still want to contend and are not interested in a role player. This may be hard if Simmons does not play this year, or if he doesn’t play well and boost his value. The 76er’s do not have the leverage here.

Simmons has averaged about 16/8/8 throughout his career, he was rookie of the year, he is a 2x all defense player. A solid resume for a player his age. Simmons is one of the best defensive players in the NBA, but his lack of offensive game holds him back significantly.

Let’s take a look at some potential trades that Philly may be interested in.


Portland will not be a team willing to make any big moves early on in the season. But Damian Lillard should be on the table if the Blazers struggle early on this season. Philly could offer Ben Simmons and Shake Milton for Damian Lillard. Now hear me out, obviously Lillard is the best player in this trade. Which would be why Philly throws in Milton, and would also most likely add in draft picks to entice Portland. This would lead to Portland blowing up their roster and rebuilding around Simmons. As for the 76er’s, Lillard absolutely keeps them in championship contention.


The Cavaliers should be calling up the 76er’s every day for Simmons. They still have Kevin Love on a big contract, and they should be looking to move on from him. If Cleveland offers Darius Garland and Kevin Love for Ben Simmons and Shake Milton. Cleveland’s young duo of Garland and Sexton are fun to watch, but they are small and struggle defensively. Adding Simmons for Garland is a huge upgrade. The loss of Love for Cleveland is not a big loss. On the other hand, Love being added to Philly’s bench is a huge upgrade for them. He adds a veteran presence who can spread the floor and rebound well. Garland also adds a bench scorer for Philly.

New Orleans

No Zion is not going to be traded for Simmons. But, New Orleans should consider putting Brandon Ingram on the table. If the Pelicans offer Ingram and Tomas Satoransky for Ben Simmons, this is a great trade for both sides. The Pelicans add a defensive minded playmaker, Philly gets a non-ball dominant scorer in Ingram. Pairing Simmons and Zion could be a strong duo. Both great defenders, and the pick and roll between the two would be phenomenal. Simmons, a pinpoint passer, and Zion a ferocious finisher at the rim.


Ben Simmons for Bradley Beal straight up. Beal has been in Washington for 9 years. They have tried to put championship contending rosters around him and they have not been able to. John Wall didn’t work, neither did Russell Westbrook. Getting Simmons would be a good restart for the franchise. Beal is an elite scorer who would fit in very well next to Joel Embiid. He gives them the potential to be one of the best offenses in the NBA.


Ben Simmons, for you guessed it, Kyrie Irving. Two of the most interesting story lines of the NBA this season. One player refusing to play, and refusing to practice, and the other refusing the covid-19 vaccine and being unable to play for the Brooklyn Nets this year. A straight up swap of the two players solves each teams issue. Kyrie Irving would only have to miss a handful of games (Knicks, Nets, and Warriors) due to being unvaccinated. And Simmons would be more willing to play with Kevin Durant and James Harden. Simmons will not have to worry about his shooting as he can just facilitate to two all time great scorers, as well as defend the best player on opposing teams.


The 76er’s are most likely going to trade Ben Simmons this season. As for them wanting to get a star player in return, that will be harder for them to do. If Simmons refuses to play or plays bad for the 76er’s, his value tanks. That only hurts the 76er’s. Simmons is under contract, and he holds all the cards in his trade value. His defensive game should absolutely keep him as a trade target for teams, but his offense and attitude may stray some teams away.

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