PLL Improvement Series: Archers Lacrosse Club

Archers Lacrosse Club
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Our PLL improvement series continues with the first time ousted in the playoffs, Archers Lacrosse Club. Wow, that felt strange to write. Archers were rolling all year long on offense. They finished 5-4 with a +24 score differential and the third seed in the playoffs. They were able to run the score up, but defense is what came back to bite them. Archers can’t rely on Adam Ghitelman to stop everything, it isn’t an ideal expectation. He needs some help back there.

How Can They Improve?

It’s tough because the players they have aren’t bad. The team caused 79 turnovers, but only 36 came from defensemen which is less than half. Now to be fair, it’s not that much less than half. But, it seems like the number should be at least somewhat higher. The Archers defensemen need to be more aggressive when engaging, especially on high powered scoring teams. Take the Whipsnakes for example. If you can shut down Matt Rambo and Zed Williams, it’s certainly not a guaranteed win but it will help the cause. Make the elite scorers earn it and bruise them up in the process. Wear them down and make other people beat you.

Graeme Hossack and Matt McMahon led the team with 15 and 14 caused turnovers respectively. That was followed by Warren Jeffery with five, Jackson Place with two, and Jack Rapine with zero. Again, Archers need more physical play from everyone on the defensive end. The best way to do that is to look to the draft for defensmen and defensive midfielders, they are not in a position to make any trades. We know the top guys are off limits and rightfully so. The other names on the roster don’t have that much intrigue to them.

Overall, Archers Lacrosse Club are in good shape and have a good foundation in place on offense. The backend will continue to bite them in the you know what if they don’t address it soon.

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