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Redwoods Lacrosse Club
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Redwoods Lacrosse Club is by far one of the most popular, if not the most popular team in the PLL. They are also one of most talented and arguably have the best coach in the league in Nat St. Laurent. However, they cannot get over the hump when it comes to the playoffs. The arch rival Whipsnakes have bounced them out now for three straight years in heartbreaking fashion. So, what comes next for this team? There are two ways to look at this situation right now.

Option 1 – Blow It Up

Redwoods has a veteran core that has led them to success. They finished the regular season 5-4 with a +4 score differential and the 4th seed in the playoffs. As mentioned in previous articles, the downside to experience is the decline. Could it be time to trade players like Rob Pannell, Matt Kavanaugh, and Myles Jones for draft picks? They each had a solid season, but time catches up to everybody at some point.

Redwoods could elect to trade key players who still have some good years left in an effort to make a splash in the draft. That’s what Atlas did and it worked wonders for them. It may be a little too early to determine potential prospects at this time, but Redwoods could look for the “Jeff Teat of 2022” if you will. We all know what Teat did for Atlas.

Option 2 – One More Run

Of course, they could also chose to keep the team together since they have gotten very close in each playoff run. Don’t forget in year one of the PLL, Redwoods was one goal away from beating Whipsnakes in overtime. They got unlucky because Matt Rambo got the ball and that was it. The older players probably still have at least one or two good years left until there is a major drop off or they consider retirement. Kyle Harrison just ended his 17 year career. Either way, younger players need to continue to step up and make plays. That will make for a seamless transition when the older vets leave.

No matter what they decide to do, it’s only going to get harder for Redwoods Lacrosse Club. For more in depth analysis regarding potential Redwoods moves, click here. All of the teams are continuing to make strides to get better. They need to do the same or risk being left in the dust.

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