Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Power Rankings
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The Cardinals continue their dominance at the top of the power rankings, as they move to 7-0. They remain the team to beat, after dominating the Texans.

Moving up the rankings are the Bengals and Titans, after both teams had statement wins this weekend. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are in free fall after a crushing loss to the Titans.

There wasn’t a lot of close games in week 7, but there was a lot of drama. Let’s take a look at where each team stands heading into week 8.

1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals showed nothing but dominance, in their 31-5 win over the Texans. Zach Ertz proved to be a valuable trade for the Cardinals, with 66 yards and a touchdown. Their defense was loud today as well, with Markus Golden sacking David Mills twice. The Cardinals are now 7-0 and just might be the scariest team in the NFL.

Previous Rank: 1

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady threw his 600th touchdown pass, in a dominant win against the Bears. The Buccaneers won, 38-3, to move to 6-1. Even while missing key players, the Buccaneers showed that they have more than enough offensive weapons to make up for it. Chris Godwin and Mike Evans both had big games. Tom Brady stole the show however, when he became the first ever quarterback to throw 600 touchdowns. The highlight of the game might just a Buccaneers staffer negotiating to get the ball back, after Mike Evans gave it to a fan.

Previous Rank: 3

3. Green Bay Packers

The Packers did what the Packers do on Sunday against the Washington Football Team. They moved to 6-1, defeating Washington 24-10. Aaron Rodgers had an 84.4% completion percentage, proving why he’s one of the best in the league. Don’t be surprised if you’re watching the Packers in the NFC Championship in January.

Previous Rank: 7

4. Buffalo Bills

The Bills had their bye week, but have looked strong all season. After a close loss to the Titans in week 6, the Bills are looking to bounce back strong in the coming weeks. Considering they face the Dolphins, Jaguars, and Jets the next three weeks they might do just that.

Previous Rank: 4

5. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys had their bye week in week 7, but have had a dominant 5-1 season so far. They have showed no signs of slowing down either, with their elite offense. It’s likely the Cowboys will keep it up all season and be a Super Bowl favorite when the playoffs start.

Previous Rank: 6

6. Cincinnati Bengals

It’s officially time to stop doubting the Bengals. They beat the Ravens, 41-17, to move to 5-2 and first in the AFC North. Joe Burrow had an excellent game, throwing for 416 yards and 3 touchdowns. Ja’Marr Chase had 201 yards and a touchdown. The future is bright for the Bengals, with these young players.

Previous Rank: 11

7. Los Angeles Rams

Despite a slow start against the Lions, The Rams showed on Sunday that they are a dominant force in the NFC. The Rams won, 28-19. Matthew Stafford had an excellent game, throwing for 334 yards and 3 touchdowns. With the Rams showing no signs of slowing down, expect them to stay a top contender.

Previous Rank: 5

8. Tennessee Titans

The Titans had an impressive showing against the Chiefs, winning 27-3, to move to 5-2. Derrick Henry continued his argument for MVP, rushing for 102 yards and surprisingly throwing a touchdown pass. Ryan Tannehill decimated the Chiefs defense, with a 80.8% completion percentage. With their passing game heating up and Henry still playing excellent, don’t be surprised if the Titans continue to move up.

Previous Rank: 12

9. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens were in rare form on Sunday and that’s not a good thing. They lost to the Bengals, 41-17. Lamar Jackson struggled to move the ball through the air and the run game was nonexistent. Don’t be surprised if the Ravens bounce back strong though, as they’ve looked strong all season.

Previous Rank: 2

10. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers had their bye week in week 7, but have had a strong season. After a brutal loss to the Ravens in week 6, the Chargers will be looking to bounce back in week 8. Considering their schedule the next few weeks, they might do just that.

Previous Rank: 8

11. Cleveland Browns

No Nick Chub or Kareem Hunt? No problem. The Browns showed on Thursday night against the Broncos that they can win tough games. They won, 17-14, to move to 4-3 on the season. D’Ernest Johnson, a third string running back, ran for 146 yards and a touchdown. The Browns have been proving all season they can win in tough situations. It may not be pretty, but these Browns can find a way to win in most games.

Previous Rank: 10

12. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders continued an excellent season against the Eagles on Sunday. They moved to 5-2 after winning, 33-22. Derek Carr continued an impressive season, throwing for 323 yards and 2 touchdowns. Despite the drama surrounding their former coach resigning, the Raiders are continuing a strong argument to be playoff favorites.

Previous Rank: 13

13. New Orleans Saints

The Saints outlasted the Seahawks on Monday Night Football, winning 13-10. The Saints move to 4-2 and remain in good playoff standing, despite what has felt like a roller coaster of a season. Alvin Kamara was the star of the game, with 179 yards from scrimmage. If the Saints want to be a serious threat, they need to find a way to stabilize their offense. Roller coaster rides are fun, but eventually they have to end.

Previous Rank: 14

14. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had their bye week, in week 7. The Vikings have a tough slate of games coming out of the bye. This season, the Vikings offense has shown they can be elite but play calling has held the team back. If the Vikings want to win moving forward, the coaching staff needs to allow the offense to fire on all cylinders.

Previous Rank: 15

15. New England Patriots

The Patriots proved they don’t need Tom Brady to beat the Jets in embarrassing fashion. They won, 54-13, to move to 3-4. Mac Jones had a strong performance, throwing for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns. With Jones gaining steam, the Patriots have a chance to move up in the league if they continue to improve.

Previous Rank: 23

16. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are in a free fall. They lost, 27-3, to the Titans. Patrick Mahomes continued to struggle, throwing his ninth interception of the season. The Chiefs have showed no signs of righting the ship. Considering that and the division they’re in, the Chiefs odds to make the playoffs aren’t great.

Previous Rank: 9

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers had their bye week, in week 7. The Steelers have struggled to move the ball down the field, currently ranked 27th in total yards per game. If the Steelers want to win moving forward, they need to find a way to get their top offensive weapons the ball. The question is this; does Ben Roethlisberger still have the capability to get them the ball?

18. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks continued to struggle without Russell Wilson, on Monday Night Football. They lost, 13-10, to the Saints. They’re now 2-4. With Wilson not returning until at least week 10, it’s hard to imagine that the Seahawks can hold out until then. When Wilson does finally return, their may not be a season to save.

Previous Rank: 17

19. Indianapolis Colts

In a game that looked like a monsoon, the Colts did just enough to win. They beat the 49ers, 30-18, to move to 3-4. Carson Wentz still struggled to move the ball through the air, showing that the Colts struggles may not be behind them just yet. The Colts need to build off this momentum, if they want to keep their playoff chances alive.

Previous Rank: 22

20. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan is single handedly keeping the Falcon’s season alive. He threw for 336 yards and 2 touchdowns, leading the Falcons to a 30-28 victory over the Dolphins. Kyle Pitts also had 163 receiving yards in the game. The Falcons are now 3-3. If the Falcons can keep this momentum up, they might just find themselves in the playoffs.

Previous Rank: 24

21. New York Giants

The Giants showed signs of life, beating the Panthers 25-3. Daniel Jones threw for 203 yards and 1 touchdown. It was a defensive game, with only 2 plays going over 20 yards. The Giants move to 2-3, but their upcoming schedule is tough. It’ll be hard for the Giants to keep up the momentum in the coming weeks.

Previous Rank: 27

22. Denver Broncos

The Broncos came into week 7 needing a win. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in a 17-14 loss to the Browns. The Broncos are now 3-4 and have left many lingering questions about their team. Can Teddy Bridgewater really take a team to the playoffs? Can the Broncos defense be good? How long does it take to adjust to life after Peyton Manning? Right now, the answers aren’t looking so great for the Broncos.

Previous Rank: 20

23. Chicago Bears

Saying the Bears struggled against the Buccaneers is putting it lightly. The Bears looked helpless in the 38-3 loss. Justin Fields struggled throughout the game, throwing three interceptions and getting sacked four times. The Bears now find themselves in a predicament; do they bench Fields in favor of Andy Dalton? Regardless of the answer, it might not be enough to save their season. The Bears are now 3-4.

Previous Rank: 19

24. San Fransisco 49ers

The 49ers struggled to stop the Colts on Sunday. They lost, 30-18, to move to 2-4. Kyle Shanahan is now facing another losing season as head coach. The question has to be asked now if the 49ers should move on from Shanahan after the season.

25. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are in panic mode, after starting 3-0. They lost to the Giants, 25-3. Sam Darnold was benched for PJ Walker during the game, after struggling to move the ball down the field. The Panthers master plan to saving their season? Possibly trading for Deshaun Watson.

Previous Rank: 18

26. Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team is a team without an identity. The lone bright spot was Terry McLaurin, who had 122 receiving yards. They move to 2-5 after losing to the Packers, 24-10.

Previous Rank: 25

27. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles looked decent against the Raiders on Sunday, but their defense couldn’t stop anyone. The Eagles lost, 33-22. Now 2-5 on the season, you have to wonder if the Eagles can do anything to improve a struggling team.

28. Miami Dolphins

Losing back-to-back close games is heartbreaking for any team. It looks like the Dolphins are becoming experts at it.

Previous Rank: 28

29. New York Jets

The Jets are still the Jets. They lost 54-13 to the Patriots, moving to 1-6. Zach Wilson left the second quarter with an injury and was quickly ruled out for the rest of the game. Can The Jets rebound? If their recent history is anything to learn from, probably not.

Previous Rank: 29

30. Houston Texans

The Texans lost, 31-5, to the Cardinals. They’re now 1-6. The bigger story out of Houston this week was that the Deshaun Watson trade might finally happen.

Previous Rank: 30

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had a bye week in week 7. That’s good news for Jaguars fans because it means they didn’t lose.

32. Detroit Lions

The world is full of uncertainty, but at least you can always count on the Lions to lose.

Previous Rank: 32

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