Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Week 12 Power Rankings
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We’re 11 weeks into the NFL season and no team has emerged as a true top contender. The Patriots find themselves at the top of the power rankings after blowing out the Falcons.

Meanwhile, the Titans, Bills, Packers, and Cowboys all suffered losses this week. The Vikings, Colts, and Eagles all moved up after convincing wins.

This season is definitely hard to figure out. A lot of top teams are struggling and a lot of mediocre teams stand a chance at making the playoffs. Let’s take a look at where every team is at heading into week 12.

1. New England Patriots

The Patriots have been one of most consistent teams over the last five weeks. Mac Jones continued to make his case for rookie of the year against the Falcons on Thursday night. His stats weren’t stellar, but he was consistent. The key for the Patriots has been their run game and tough defense. Damian Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson both ran for over 50 yards. Their defense might also be the best defense in the league, holding the Falcons to 0 points.

Previous Rank: 6

2. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have proved resilient without Kyler Murray. Colt McCoy led the way in another victory with 328 yards and 2 touchdowns. James Conner proved to be an elite weapon, with 97 total yards and a touchdown. Zach Ertz was the leading receiver with 88 yards and 2 touchdowns. This team will only get better, with the returns of DeAndre Hoplins and Kyler Murray.

Previous Rank: 7

3. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had their bye week in week 11. Despite mostly good play from Matthew Stafford, the Rams have shown signs of struggles their last few games. With tough games after their bye, Stafford needs to stabilize and go back to elite form if the Rams want to remain a threat.

Previous Rank: 3

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers were dominant against the Giants. Tom Brady threw for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns. Brady continued to spread the ball to his elite receiving core. Their defense was also elite, getting 18 total pressures. The Buccaneers have an easy schedule moving forward. Considering how they played tonight, they have a chance at becoming the dominant team in the NFC.

Previous Rank: 9

5. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers started slow on Sunday against the Vikings. That was enough for the Vikings to make key stops and do enough to win. Rodgers did turn it on the second half, ending the game with 385 yards and 4 touchdowns. Davante Adams also had a great game with 115 yards and 2 touchdowns. The defense also looked weak, allowing the Vikings to score 34 points. The Packers face tough offenses moving forward. Their defense will need to look better than this if they want to win.

Previous Rank: 5

6. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys looked sloppy on Sunday. Dak Prescott finished with 216 yards and 2 interceptions. Not having Amari Cooper didn’t help. Ceedee Lamb also left the game with any injury and has no entered concussion protocol. That leaves Michael Gallup as the Cowboys top receiver. If the Cowboys are missing their 2 top receivers on Thanksgiving, don’t be surprised if their struggles continue.

Previous Rank: 2

7. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a team without an identity. Josh Allen threw 2 interceptions. The run game was nonexistent. Stefon Diggs had 2 touchdowns, but only 23 total yards. Their defense couldn’t do anything to stop Jonathan Taylor. The Bills are showing cracks. With their schedule moving forward, that’s not a good thing.

Previous Rank: 1

8. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens escaped Solider Field with a win. They didn’t make it look easy. It took a game winning touchdown from Devonta Freeman to put this one away. Freeman left the game with 80 total yards. Tyler Huntly played as well as you could expect a backup to play. The defensive line also made a huge impact, recording 15 total pressures. The Ravens showed on Sunday that they need Lamar Jackson back soon. This team can only go so far without their elite quarterback.

Previous Rank: 8

9. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals showed on Sunday that they can win multiple ways. Joe Burrow had a quiet game, with 148 yards and a touchdown. Joe Mixon led the way with 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. Eli Apple also showed that he might still have something left. Apple only allowed 27 yards the entire game. Now with the Browns and Steelers struggling, the Bengals pose a threat to the division.

Previous Rank: 11

10. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers looked elite on Sunday. Justin Herbert threw for 382 yards and 3 touchdowns. The true star was Austin Ekeler, who finished the game with 4 total touchdowns. The receiving core for Herbert was reliable, but didn’t have any splash plays. However, the defense has proven they can get the Chargers into trouble and that was almost the case on Sunday. With an easy stretch of games ahead, the Chargers needed a bounce back game like this. If the Chargers can play this way for the rest of the season, they’ll make the playoffs.

Previous Rank: 12

11. Tennessee Titans

The Titans were considered a top AFC team heading into this week. An ugly lose to the Texans ruined that. Ryan Tannehill threw 4 interceptions to hand the game to the Texans. The Titans are still using a running back by committee to replicate the success of Derrick Henry. AJ Brown left the game with a hand injury. Now without their elite running back and possibly their elite receiver, the Titans are a team with no identity. This paves the way for the Colts to make a real push for the AFC South.

Previous Rank: 4

12. Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts looks like the best rushing quarterback in the NFL. He led the Eagles to a win with 3 rushing touchdowns on Sunday. He also threw for 147 yards. The running backs were also efficient, as Miles Sanders recorded 94 yards. The defense also helped secure this win. Darius Slay had a stellar game, with a 50 yard pick 6. The Eagles continue to improve while the elite teams in the NFL continue to struggle. At this point, the Eagles pose a real threat to the NFC East.

Previous Rank: 15

13. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have played in close games all season. They finally won one on Sunday. Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook both had statistically impressive games. The true story of the game was Justin Jefferson. Jefferson ended the game with 169 yards and 2 touchdowns. Adam Thielen and KJ Osborn also caught passes at key moments. Over the last 2 games, the Vikings have shown more aggressive play calling and dedication to getting the ball to Jefferson. Have the Vikings finally turned a corner? Only time will tell.

Previous Rank: 20

14. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were lethal on Sunday. Jonathan Taylor was the entire offense. Taylor finished with 185 rushing yards and 5 total touchdowns. Most of what Carson Wentz did was just feed Taylor the ball. The Colts have shown that when they can run the ball, they can win. Considering the teams the Colts face moving forward, Taylor stands a chance at having an amazing end to his season.

Previous Rank: 17

15. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are in a free fall. Derek Carr struggled to move the ball at all. Josh Jacobs couldn’t get the run going. Darren Waller was the only reliable target for Carr. The Raiders have been in the news a lot this season and it looks to have finally caught up with them.

Previous Rank: 10

16. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs’ defense won the game on Sunday. Patrick Mahomes continued to struggle, only throwing for 260 yards and a touchdown. Clyde Edwards-Helaire also looked good in his return from injury finishing with 63 yards and a touchdown. Chris Jones dominated the game, finishing with 4 sacks and a 17.5% pressure rate. Jones ensured that Dak Prescott would have no time to make plays. Despite the win, the Chiefs may still be in trouble. If a team can beat the Chiefs’ defense, they can beat the Chiefs.

Previous Rank: 16

17. New Orleans Saints

The Saints have been inconsistent all season and that continued on Sunday. The injury wrecked Saints struggled against the Eagles. Trevor Siemian was the epitome of that, as he threw for 214 yards and 2 interceptions. Siemain and the receiving core didn’t make an impact until the fourth quarter, making the game look closer than it actually was. One bright spots continues to be Mark Ingram, who finished with 88 yards. It looks like injuries have caught up with the Saints.

Previous Rank: 13

18. Denver Broncos

The Broncos had their bye week in week 11. Inconsistency has held the Broncos back this season. With 5 division games upcoming, the Broncos need to stabilize their offense if they want to be a serious threat.

Previous Rank: 18

19. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers put up 27 points in the fourth quarter to make the game interesting. Despite that, the Steelers sill struggled for most of the game. Ben Roethlisberger struggled to move the ball, but still ended the game with 3 touchdowns. Najee Harris had an uncharacteristically quiet game, only recording 39 yards and 1 touchdown. Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool both showed up to put up big numbers. On Sunday, we saw what we’ve seen all season from the Steelers. Their quarterback play is holding them back.

Previous Rank: 19

20. Cleveland Browns

Barely beating the Lions isn’t a good look. Baker Mayfield deserves most of the blame. His 2 interceptions almost cost the Browns the game. Nick Chubb had a great game, in spite of Mayfield. Chubb finished with 130 yards. It’s time for the Browns to ask themselves some questions about their quarterback. This season, it seems the Browns are winning in spite of Baker Mayfield.

Previous Rank: 14

21. San Francisco 49ers

With 2 back-to-back wins, the 49ers might be gaining some momentum. No one on the 49ers had an amazing game on Sunday, but most did enough to get the win. Jimmy Garoppolo finished with 176 yards and 2 touchdowns. Deebo Samuel was the leading rusher, with 79 yards. Brandon Aiyuk finally made a difference, finishing with 85 yards. The 49ers schedule isn’t difficult moving forward. If they can keep putting together these wins, they stand a chance at sneaking into the wild card round.

Previous Rank: 27

22. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were able to win their 3rd straight game on Sunday. Tua Tagovailoa continues to shows signs of growth, despite a bad interception. Myles Gaskin also played well for the Dolphins, with 89 yards. The Dolphins need to build around Tua and continue to focus on his development. Tua has shown a lot of resiliency this season, despite his team putting almost no faith in him.

Previous Rank: 23

23. Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team is another NFC team trying to sneak into the playoffs. After back-to-back wins, they stand a chance at doing that. Taylor Heinicke was a gunslinger against the Panthers, throwing for 3 touchdowns. Terry McLaurin continued to be the idenity off the offense, finishing with 103 yards and 1 touchdown. Over the next 7 weeks, Washington faces division rivals 5 times. If they can find a way to win those games, they can sneak into the playoffs.

Previous Rank: 26

24. Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton’s home town return did not go as planned. Newton still played a good game, accounting for 3 touchdowns for the Panthers. Christian McCaffrey proved he’s still the heart of the offense, accounting for 59 rush yards and 60 receiving yards. Ultimately, what we learned about the Panthers is something we probably already knew. Newton and McCaffrey can provide energy and leadership for the Panthers, but they still have glaring flaws that can prevent them from winning.

Previous Rank: 21

25. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson might have returned from injury to early. It definitely looked that way on Sunday. Wilson struggled to move the ball down the field, only finishing with only 207 yards. The running game once again struggled for Seattle. The only receiver who made a difference was Tyler Lockett. The Seahawks are another team that can’t establish an identity this season. Don’t be surprised if Wilson is on a new team next season.

Previous Rank: 24

26. New York Giants

The Giants were crushed by Tom Brady. Daniel Jones couldn’t escape pressure and the Giants couldn’t find a way to help him.

Previous Rank: 22

27. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are so one dimensional that losing Cordarrelle Patterson shut down their offense. Watching Matt Ryan trying to make up for a talent deficient team was difficult. Matt Ryan deserves better then what the Falcons are giving him.

Prevous Rank: 25

28. Houston Texans

According to the odds, there’s no way the Texans can beat the Titans. That’s not how the NFL works though. The Texans offense didn’t look good at all. Somehow, the defense found a way to win the game for the Texans. Don’t expect this Texans offense to continue winning.

Previous Rank: 31

29. New York Jets

The Jets still couldn’t find a way to win with Joe Flacco starting.

Previous Rank: 28

30. Chicago Bears

Matt Nagy was met with “Fire Nagy” chants after losing a winnable game to the Ravens. Andy Dalton also replaced Justin Fields, who left the game with a rib injury.

Previous Rank: 29

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars didn’t show up to play until the fourth quarter. Urban Meyer makes it clear every week he can’t coach in the NFL.

Previous Rank: 30

32. Detroit Lions

The Lions lost another winnable game on Sunday. It’s what they do best.

Previous Rank: 32

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