Bulls Lose Pick Over Lonzo Ball Investigation

Lonzo Ball was part of the NBA investigation that resulted in the Chicago Bulls losing their second round pick.
Cole Burston / Getty Images

The NBA have finished their four month investigation on the Bulls having sign and trade with Lonzo Ball before free agency started. The Bulls will have to forfeit their next second round pick.

Lonzo Ball received a four year, $80 million contract and was traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Bulls for Garrett Temple and Thomas Satoransky.


The NBA concluded that “The Bulls discussed with the agent of the Lonzo Ball ahead of the opening of free agency on August 2nd. The Bulls fully cooperated with the investigations, which was a factor in the penalties.” In 2019, the NBA strengthened its punishments for these instances, including a maximum fine of $10 million. Or could suspending team executives. Also, the penalty given in this investigation was a second-round draft pick.

With more sign-and-trade happening nowadays, the NBA does not want specific teams to be disadvantaged during the free agency period. The penalties must increase in the future. That means teams don’t potentially continue talking to free agents before the August date. I don’t believe Ball wanted to go to other teams, and Ball feels the love in Chicago. Ball has averaged 12.5 points and 4.8 assists and is coming off a great win against his younger brother Lamelo Ball.

The Bulls released a statement saying, “We are glad this process has concluded and look forward to the rest of our season.”

Was This Punishment Too Light?

You can make arguments that losing a second-round pick is too light. But, a second-round selection equals around $2-$3 Million. With the Bulls’ statement, the Bulls don’t care. They were happy to get the UCLA guard. The other teams of the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks involved in the investigation didn’t mind giving up second-round picks as well. The NBA investigated the other sign-and-trade with Kyle Lowry. In my opinion, the NBA made the right decision.

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