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The Coin VS Brunell the Goat

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This Sunday the Washington Football Team travels to Las Vegas to play the Raiders, but this particular matchup transcends the game of football. Whether these two teams know it or not, there are larger stakes than just winning football games. This is not just a matchup between the WFT and the Raiders, but between two online deities, The Coin VS u/Brunell_the_GOAT.

The Coin

Before the season started a Raiders fan on the r/raiders subreddit flipped a coin to determine how each game of the season would go. The Coin, as it is now referred to, determined the result of each game. The Coin’s predictions were posted before the season started, so people could track The Coin’s picks. The Coin predicted the first three games would be wins. Sure enough, the Raiders started their season 3-0, winning two of those games in overtime. 

Then The Coin had the Raiders losing their next two games. Lo and behold, the Raiders were 3-2, but The Coin was 5-0. After eleven games into the season, the Raiders sit at 6-5. The Coin is 11-0, correctly guessing each and every single win and loss for the Raiders. The Coin has reached legendary status among Raiders fans on Reddit. Given that there is a 50% chance for The Coin to get one game right, the odds of The Coin going 11-0 are 0.0489% or 1/2048.

Brunell the Goat

Three weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were fresh off a bye week. They entered their bye week after suffering a tough loss to their divisional rival, the New Orleans Saints. The Bucs looked to right the ship against a presumably sorry 2-6 WFT. The Bucs sat comfortably at 6-2 and went into the game as a ten point favorite. No one thought the WFT had a chance. And neither did a Reddit user on the r/washingtonNFL subreddit, known by the moniker of u/Brunell_the_GOAT. He saw this game as an apt opportunity to delete his Reddit account.

Brunell made a post stating that if the WFT lost to the Bucs, then he would delete his Reddit account. Brunell stated in the post that he was tired of the team he was loyal to for always letting him down, and among other reasons. It seemed like a sure way for Brunell to provide himself an excuse to delete his account. Anyone at the time would have thought the Bucs would sail by the WFT with impeccable ease to an easy win. But the Bucs fell flat on their face. Some would say the Bucs opted to stay in Tampa that week. The WFT defeated the reigning Super Bowl champions, and Brunell’s account lived to see another day.

A Hero in the Making

The next week, Brunell made another post threatening to delete his account for the WFT-Panthers game, this time citing curiosity to see if there was any kind of voodoo magic at play. Maybe there was. The game had an excessive amount of hype surrounding the game because it was Cam Newton’s first game back as the starting quarterback for the Panthers, after returning from NFL purgatory. The hype was to no avail. Taylor Heinicke led the WFT into Carolina and defeated the Panthers, spoiling Cam Newton’s homecoming.

The following week, Brunell made the same post for the Seahawks game, and once again the WFT won. In the span of three weeks, the WFT went from 2-6 with their season seeming to be already over, to 5-6 with a chance to make the playoffs. It would be easy to assume that the WFT started figuring things out, and that is why their season turned around. Regardless of what you want to believe, the fact of the matter is the WFT have yet to lose a game ever since Brunell began threatening to delete the account. His heroics have not gone unnoticed. The WFT subreddit idolizes Brunell. Fellow WFT fans on Reddit accredit Brunell for single handedly turning their season around.

The Matchup

The Coin predicts the Raiders will win. Brunell threatened to delete his account. The stage is set. This week’s matchup is between two legendary online icons that have inspired thousands of fans for each team, represented by the Raiders and the WFT. It is The Coin VS u/Brunell_the_GOAT. One a seasoned veteran at 11-0, the other an up and coming hero at 3-0. When the dust settles this Sunday after an epic battle, only one will stand. Also, one team will improve their overall record. Only one legend can win. Find out who will win this Sunday at 4:05 EST on Fox. Unless they tie. If that happens, the fabric of the space-time continuum may tear, ending all life as we know it and sending us into the depths of oblivion.

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