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Tuukka Rask Returning to Boston Doesn’t Make Sense

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Tuukka Rask had his ups and downs in a Bruins uniform. Some fans were thrilled when the Bruins to not see him suit up to start the season. For those who don’t know, Rask had an injury and has been recovering and rehabbing. Even though Rask is a free agent, he is allowed to be back on the ice as an “emergency goaltender” because Linus Ullmark can’t practice. But even before that, the Bruins were allowing him to practice at Warrior Ice Arena (the team’s practice facility). It seems the writing on the wall indicates that Tuukka Rask will rejoin the team when he is healthy. This is a terrible idea.

Inconsistency And Attitude

Rask when he is on point is one of the best in the business. But, lately he hasn’t been. Over the last few seasons, he has given up a lot of easy goals in critical situations. Rask is the textbook example of a butterfly goalie, and at times he doesn’t use his size to his advantage. Teams know to go up high to beat him. This also includes the playoffs. Additionally, many question his passion to continue playing. He left the bubble in 2020 suddenly for what was considered a family emergency but before he left, it seemed he had no interest in playing. His commitment to hockey has been questioned for quite some time now. Now all of a sudden he wants to come back? What’s to say he won’t change his mind again? The bigger concern here is his play, but both are red flags here.

The B’s Already Have Two Goalies

Jeremy Swayman is the future in net for Boston. Linus Ullmark was brought over on a four year contract. If Rask comes back, what do you do with them? Sending Swayman back to the minors doesn’t make any sense. Nobody will want Ullmark in a trade on that contract. Swayman has had some growing pains this season, but he is still considered a rookie. He has still looked good overall despite that. Ullmark had a tough go in his first few starts but won his two starts on the team’s trip to Canada. The Bruins have a pretty good idea of what they have. They do not know what Rask will look like in live game action. To find out, an opportunity would need to be taken away from someone else.

Can’t Let Go

The Bruins for some odd reason can’t move on from Tuukka Rask. It is baffling. He’s getting older, he hasn’t always been a good performer in the playoffs, and he has never won them a Stanley Cup. Don’t let his 5-1 record in game seven fool you. By the way, the game seven he lost was against St. Louis at home in the Stanley Cup Final. Stats tell one story and stats do matter to a point. But folks, stats aren’t everything. The Bruins need to have the guts to say that they are going in a different direction. They did it before with Zdeno Chara and other franchise players and in order for this team to get close to winning again, Rask needs to understand that he’s worn out his welcome in Boston.

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