Is It Time For The Celtics To End The Dennis Schroder Experiment?

Dennis Schroder
Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

The Dennis Schroder experiment has not gone according to plans thus far. The Celtics were hoping to look more like true contenders this season. But a season of inconsistencies, injuries, and COVID have put them in a position where the are fighting to even make the playoffs.

Schroder took a huge gamble this offseason, passing up big contracts for a one year “prove it” deal with Boston. He is currently making $5.9 million.

His role was intended to be a burst guy off the bench. He brings starter-level talent to an already talented roster. With players missing so much time with COVID and other injuries, he has started 18 games this season.

Schroder has in no way been bad this season, but he doesn’t quite fit the Celtics roster. His 16/5/3 could be helpful to a number of potential contending teams this season.

Pros of Trading Schroder

Keeping it short and sweet here, if they don’t trade him they end up with nothing after this season. Just a failed experiment.

Payton Pritchard has stepped up with Schroder out in health and safety protocols. In his past 4 games he has scored 14+ in three of them. He had a really strong rookie season, but has taken a back seat to Schroder this year.

Trading Schroder would allow Pritchard to familiarize himself more with the Celtics rotation again.

Cons of Trading Schroder

Obviously, the biggest con would be that the Celtics don’t feel good about winning this season. Trading Schroder is essentially admitting that they are moving on to next season.

Since Schroder is on a rather ‘small’ NBA contract, the Celtics will not be able to acquire any great talent to put next to their core of Tatum and Brown. They would most likely be getting some sort of draft pick/s and potentially a rookie on a deal to match the money.

Outlook on the Dennis Schroder Experiment

At this point in time it is a failure. There is still time left in the season. I’m not counting the Celtics out yet, but right now things are not looking good.

Dennis Schroder was supposed to be the Celtics trick up their sleeve. Instead, he has just fallen into his role on this team, he hasn’t really excelled, but he hasn’t been bad at the same time.

If the Celtics don’t feel confident in contending by the NBA’s trade deadline, they will most likely be trading Schroder.

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