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Bears Wrap Up The Home Season Against The Giants

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The Bears turned in a gutsy performance last week and should win more convincingly against the Giants in their last home game of the season.

Bears Are Still Playing For Nagy

It is largely considered a foregone conclusion that this will be Nagy’s last game in Chicago as the Bears’ head coach. But when the players take the field on Sunday against the Giants, they will continue to play with the intensity of a team with a playoff future.

According to the Associated Press, “We love Coach Nagy, Jackson said, “I feel like he’s one of the best player coaches I’ve ever had and he truly cares about his players. You just want to continue to fight for someone like that.” Eddie Jackson is the player who made this comment, but it confirms what we saw on the field last week in Seattle.

The Bears are not just mailing it in and going through the motions. The Bears are playing for each other, and their coach. This was evidenced in the two-point catch by Damiere Byrd in the win over the Seahawks. They are not giving up, and I believe they should carry this intensity into the game against the Giants.

The Bears Should Not Punt Against the Giants

Ok, so if they are in a 3rd and forever-type situation, they should punt. But, I am calling for the Bears to go for it on any fourth down and 10 or less against the Giants. I loved the call to go for the win last week, and before that, there were a couple of fourth-down attempts as well.

To be clear, I do not want the Bears to embarrass themselves. But, why not have some fun in the last home game? Be aggressive, trot out some trick plays (maybe even a fake punt), and try to showcase some of the talent on this team.

In all reality, the Bears should really be beating the Giants. But they should also be trying to remind the fans of the talent on this roster. Try to highlight the Darnell Mooneys, Khalil Herberts, and Jakeem Grants of the world. One way to do this? Go for it on every fourth down.

Who’s Playing Quarterback?

We don’t know yet who will be starting for the Bears when they host the Giants, but I know who I want to see. Unless Justin Fields has an abnormally high risk of getting seriously injured, he should be on the field. That should be part of every non-playoff team’s priority list right now. See what you have in your players. Sidenote: This is why I’m confused that Thomas Graham was put back on the practice squad. Didn’t he earn more playing time? Someone, please tell me what I’m missing here.

I digress. Justin Fields is fun to watch, and this is a wonderful opportunity to challenge him and open up the playbook. Nick Foles played quite admirably last week, but I don’t think any Bears fan wants to see him starting in Chicago next year. More importantly, Foles is a veteran and does not need the game-speed reps as Fields does.

Last, while I love a good comeback story, I don’t want to see Andy Dalton at QB anymore this year unless it’s necessary. I want him to have opportunities in the future, just not in front of Justin Fields. It should be noted, however, that Fields was limited at practice on Wednesday. Again, I don’t want him to play if the re-injury risk is high.

The Obligatory Robert Quinn Sack Record Watch

Robert Quinn needs just half a sack to tie Richard Dent’s single-season record of 17.5 sacks set in 1984. The Bears would love to see him break that record with a full sack against the Giants. Quinn has had an amazing year, and I don’t want to deal with the talk of how it took him 17 games instead of 16. But before long, we will be discussing this with all records I suppose.

Further, I want Robert Quinn to set the record in front of the Bears’ faithful at Soldier Field. I hope that it happens late in the game with the Bears up big. Then, Nagy can call a timeout and sub him off to a standing ovation, or something to that effect. It’s what Quinn deserves for his herculean efforts this year.

What Else Am I Watching For on Sunday?

The play of rookie Larry Borom. The Bears need to go into next season’s draft knowing if they are set at the tackle positions. Teven Jenkins has a lot to still prove, but we haven’t seen as much from Borom.

Borom’s rookie season has been spent dealing with a lot of injuries and IR stints. As of now, I have not seen any injury designation for him, and he is not on the COVID reserve list. I am watching on Sunday for Borom to be solid for the Bears at home against the Giants.

I am also watching for more improvement from the Bears’ defense. Against the Seahawks, the Bears gave up 331 total yards and allowed 135 on the ground to Rashaad Penny. They held Russell Wilson to under 200 yards passing, but he still threw for 2 touchdowns. I want the Bears to stifle a Giants offense that should be much worse than that of the Seahawks. In fact, I believe the Giants are going to potentially split reps between Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm. If this is the case, maybe Robert Quinn will completely run away with the sack record.

The Path to Victory

It sounds cliché, and no one likes to only celebrate moral victories, but the Bears need to make a statement against the Giants. They need to play aggressively right from the outset of the game, and they need to continue the momentum they finished with last Sunday.

They need to prevent the Giants from having any sort of rushing attack, and they need to get a turnover or two. The game against the Seahawks was close in part because both teams protected the ball. The Bears need to win the field position battle so their offense can open the playbook and go for it on fourth downs.

Last, the Bears need to run the ball. I know Foles was efficient last week, but David Montgomery should have more than 45 yards. The Bears did not eclipse the 100-yard mark last week, but I expect them to do so this week.

The Bears need to strike early and often, preferably with a splashy play or two. Then, we can watch the defense shut down the Giants as Robert Quinn makes history. If this all happens we can pretend for at least a few hours that the season is not over yet.

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