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Notre Dame Couldn’t Stop Oklahoma State’s Comback In The Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl
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Notre Dame started off strong but fall off in the second half and lost to Oklahoma State 37 to 35 in the Fiesta Bowl. Things came out of this game for both teams. Oklahoma State came out at halftime changing a lot of things. Notre Dame definitely missed the players that opted out. Know lets go into the game and what all came out of it.

First Half Was Dominated By Notre Dame

Notre Dame scored early in the game on their first drive. It was 5 plays and went for 75 yards and last only one minute and 39 seconds. The touchdown was a 29-yard pass from Jack Coan to Lorenzo Styles Jr. The next drives for both teams were punts. Notre Dame scored once again in a fast 4 play drive for 66 yards. This time it was a 53-yard pass from Coan to Chris Tyree. They went up by 14 points until Oklahoma State finally got their first score right before the end of the first quarter. It was a 9-yard pass from Spencer Sanders to Jaden Bray.

Notre Dame continues their scoring in the second quarter. The first touchdown scored was a 16-yard pass from Coan to Michael Mayer. This brought the score of the game to be 21 to 7. The second touchdown of the half was a 7-yard pass from Coan to Mayer once again. Oklahoma State scored to end the second quarter. The touchdown was a 9-yard pass from Sanders to Tay Martin. The first half ended with a score of 28 to 14.

Second Half Was Dominated By Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State got the ball to start the second half after coming off the sore to end the first half. They came out at halftime with a 12 play, 87-yard touchdown drive that last 4 minutes and 8 seconds. It was a 5-yard passing touchdown from Sanders to Tay Martin to bring the game to 28 to 21. Notre Dame got the ball and Oklahoma State’s defense got a 3 play stop and Notre Dame was forced to punt. Notre Dame got a good three and out but once they got the ball back they had to punt once again. Oklahoma scored once again to finally tie the game at 28. It was an 8-yard touchdown pass to martin from Sanders. Once again Notre Dame was forced to punt. Oklahoma State was held to only a field goal this time and took the led, 31 to 28.

The fourth quarter started with Notre Dame fumbling the ball and it getting recovered by Oklahoma State. Notre Dame’s defense did come back the next drive and get a fumble as while. Oklahoma State kicked a field goal the next drive to make the game 34 to 28. Their defense did come back out and get a huge interception but their offense had a huge fumble in the red zone. Notre Dame continued to not be able to do much on offense and turned the ball over on downs. It led to Oklahoma State kicking a field goal and going up 37 to 28. The next Notre Dame drive did lead to a 25 yard passing touchdown to Kevin Austin Jr by Coan. It made te game a two point game but Notre Dame could not recover the onside kick. Oklahoma State won the game 37 to 35.


Notre Dame had 551 total yards with 509 of them were passing and only 42 were rushing. Jack Coan had 509 passing yards and 5 touchdowns in his last game as a college player. Lorenzo Styles Jr had 136 receiving yards with one touchdown. Chris Tyree had 115 receiving yards and one touchtouchdown and Kevin Austin Jr had 105 receiving yards and one touchdown as while. Michael Mayer had 72 receiving yards but had two touchdowns.

Oklahoma State had a great game as while with 605 total yards with 371 being from passing and 234 being from rushing. Spencer Sanders had 371 passing yards and four touchdowns and had 125 rushing yards. Brennan Presley had 137 receiving yards with zero touchdowns. However, Tay Martin had three touchdowns and 104 receiving yards.

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