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Sports Betting With Your Head vs Heart 

Happy 2022 sports bettors, both recreational and professionals, and welcome to my first sports betting post.  This will be a brief two-part series diving into how I come by my picks and some rules I follow that I have gathered through some pro bettors, casino ticket writers and degenerate gamblers.   

Obviously, you don’t know me from Jack (a game that came out in 1995 which gives you an idea of my age at least). So figured I would give you some insight of why you should read and why you should listen.  Whether you like my suggestions or not, I promise you that you will learn on how to be a better bettor or at least be more forgiving of yourself when you lose.  Today we will tackle the most challenging part of betting…. Bet with your head or bet with your heart.   

Betting With Your Head:

Most of us have a fully functional brain that understands, reads, analyzes, and processes sports betting.  There is a reason sports books put point spreads up on the board.  It disrupts your neurons firing across your synapses to your dendrites for a clear choice. In more basic terms, look no farther than the CFP series game.  We all know Alabama and Georgia were going to win but we saw some point spreads and thought there was a chance.  So, if you followed your head, you might have won a few bucks but nothing that exciting.  The thing about betting with our head is consistency, it gets us more wins than losses, it gets money in our accounts, and it very…boring.  

That is right our head gets us boring wins.  We don’t tweet about our head bets.  We just roll our small winnings over to the next smart head driven bet and the machine keeps moving but very slowly.  My estimation on percentages of head wins would range around the 40 to 50 percentiles. But it isn’t sexy wins, it isn’t social media posting wins, it isn’t wins which let us buy first round of drinks, steak dinners, cigars, or new outfits. These wins just keep us coming back, depositing more and rationalizing why we love sports betting.  I am going to be honest here, I struggle to consistently bet with my head.  I am a recreational bettor and like most recreational bettors, we keep the sport betting sites and casinos open.   

 Alabama’s Formula To Winning Another National Championship – Championship Sports Media

Alabama’s Formula To Winning Another National Championship – Championship Sports MediaThe Alabama Crimson Tide will once again be playing in the National Championship game. The opponent is a familiar foe, the Georgia Bulldogs. Alabama was able cruise over Cincinnati by running the ball. However, it won’t be that easy this time. What is the best way for the Tide to approach this SEC Championship rematch?

Betting With Your Heart: 

I am all in on this one, this is the gut feeling, the big spread, the 7-team parlay, the underdog cheering section I love that submarines my bets each week.  This is looking at the game, seeing the spread and rationally (even though the head is screaming don’t you dare do it) picking Cincinnati with the points to beat Alabama.  The heart straight up told you that Michigan could beat Georgia because of reasons such as 1. Alabama wrecked and exposed them and 2. They lost their defensive coordinator to Oregon so yeah; Michigan is going win.  Wrong and Wrong. But you had that gut feeling they were going to do it.  That is your heart betting for you and overriding what your head it thinking.  

Don’t feel bad about this, it happens to everyone.  Now the hearts percentage of winning is extremely low.  You have about a 5 to 10% chance of winning your heart picks.  However, your heart picks are your exciting, your money winning, and your posting picture on social media picks.  You feel great when heart picks come in, you feel like a lottery winner.  The winning heart picks drives bettors’ excitement for sports betting.  They don’t happen that often but they happen just enough to keep you coming back week after week.  

My next topic will be a few sports betting rules I like to follow and can pass on to you.  As always, good luck and make good choices.   

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