Seattle and No More Russ?

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No more Russ? Your ears aren’t deceiving you, dear reader. While this is in no way the end of Russell Wilson’s tenure in the NFL, it may definitely spell the end of a fading relationship for the staunch cornerstone quarterback. The season has been both long and arduous. For die hard Seattle Seahawks fans, it’s been little more than torture to see their team crumble due to injuries. But, there’s a silver lining. Here are some teams that I believe would fit Wilson if the writing is indeed on the wall.

The Flashy Pick.

To begin the segment, let’s go from the cold, biting winters of Seattle, to the Bayou living and New Orleans. This would be a shake up and polar opposite to what Wilson’s used to operating under. Also, no more Russ in Seattle would mean going from a lackluster defense to a Super Bowl contender in Sean Payton’s Saints. Couple this with the pieces like Michael Thomas and rising receiver Marquez Calloway, and there’s something brewing. Try stopping a Kamara-Wilson read option, too. Whew.

The Fun Pick.

Jerry Jeudy. Courtland Sutton. Noah Fant. Sounds like a pretty potent offensive group behind a sneaky good o-line. It’d be a full circle, due to Wilson netting his lone Super Bowl back in the 2014 season because of a vaunted defense at a clip of 43-8. Adding a savvy, proven veteran to navigate a decent offense would at least place the Broncos in the conversation for a playoff contender, right? A fan can dream.

A Seattle Dream: Staying Put?

You heard it here. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Russell Wilson could stay. It’s clear that the city loves him, and he has solid rapport with Pete Carroll, so it would pull some heart strings. People have watched Russ grow into a premier player and class act since taking the field in 2012, and he’s still got plenty of gas left in his tank. It’s a very slim chance, but Russ could keep his tenure going. At age 33, he’s more spry and less beaten up than previous quarterbacks. That and nostalgia could be the keys to him retiring by the team that drafted him almost a decade ago.

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